The Restless Mess

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Long Live Rome The Restless Mess

Post by Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus on Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:39 am

The Restless Mess L_5621fbbf35434737be8347302b7e8726

Illusions of the depth of sanity
the reason for my insanity.
pleas of a wilted lovers dream
allusions of radiance of a time to return to right my mistake.

to give and receive in my lovers quarrel,
to plea and beg with insanity and a sane mans curse.
the gift to give and be loved but to never taste the lips of the passion of romance.

mystical feeling of emptiness for the desire of the fiery passion my
lips so desire. To ignite my soul and set my heart afire in this
twisted game of life to break the illusion and never care for what is
might and will be. The only dream, the only vision, the only care is
my romantic mysticism for a taste of passions tasteless lips that beam
my inner heart as a child I seek and play.

Tattered and tainted
mistakes paint my past that led me to my place of my desolate peace.
Inside this cadence of joy I rest my soul for moments to come awaiting
the taste to passion to spark the flame withered and dripped in my
hearts lust for the kiss that paints my pretense for the passion itself.

lovers mistrust was not to blame for i am to blame for in ignorance the
idiots to blame, and no one holds a flame to the mistakes of a broken
heart of mine and the ones left in the insolent path. Awaken to the
right broken to the dreams that collide and make me one. Always
wishing and willing the things that will never be is just for one more
taste that once so held my passion and still gives me the dream and
vision to carry on even though its a hopeless plea.

To shoot in
the dark, to have faith in light, to walk with my own inner sight.
This will never compare to the ignition of my withered past and wilted
love of a life that has laid broken but from the one point forever
changes. I not regret the tasteless tips of the roses thorn but remain
thankful. To dream for tomorrows touch where bliss will blow through
my door for the only lover I will ever dream and hope to kiss. The
kiss that forever I wait, The kiss forever I will never see, the kiss
that sends an cry of resonance.

A resonance not of hate or
anger, but a wilted plea of broken mistakes asking and begging
forgiveness. To remain in this place of awakening, but can never
measure to the moment I seek if only for a moments taste. Would be the
eternity of a place I will ever seek. To forget the feeling, to forget
the happiness, to forget my tears would do no justice to the Love I
feel. The patience of endless rants about a mans broken past and the
never forsaken realness of a wilted lovers kiss.

The breath of
silence sweeps my soul and carries my heart to die with this peace, and
end it with joy and words is the only beginning I will know. To bide
my time is all that's left in my lovers rhyme. Forever mended but
forever apart in this breathless passion of a desire for the
breathless; a tasteful kiss of my loveless taste of the passing lovers
restless mess.


Sebastciaun T. Censtcuriaus
Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
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Long Live Rome Re: The Restless Mess

Post by Faith on Mon Nov 24, 2008 6:55 pm

you told me to erase you from my life.... to never think of you again... I Tried... Im still trying.... Im not going to waste these keystrokes with any more explanations. I know that you still feel me.... I still feel you. AND IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!! THE KIND OF PAIN I WOULDNT WISH UPON ANYONE...So, please stay out of my dreams.... and Ill try again to stay out of yours....and it can just be... a cold and empty dreamscape... like that of my heart Sad
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