The Candle Wilted Kiss

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Long Live Rome The Candle Wilted Kiss

Post by Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus on Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:35 am

Believe in love, Do you
believe that after it's all said and done that the tomorrow's naught of
morrows bliss will bring the candle withered life of a lovers kiss.

the lips are dry and the heart beats naught again. The candle lit
flame of lovers lust will beat upon the door to spark the candled
lovers lust.

The death of passionate romantics is the ignorance
feasted upon the soul of plenty. To never let the lust for a desire of
the wilted candles bliss is all that a lovers kiss will leave amiss.

Tomorrow is full of dawns to dusks;
Yesterday is full of pain stricken pro's and cons.

Today is the moment that my lovers kiss blows inside the door to sweep your soul.
I carry you beyond that of the dawns and dusks of the weary pit of a liars fire.

my heart beats the resonant passion to aflame your heart with flaming
romantic passion for the wilted candle lovers bliss.

To some
things seem a bit amiss and under the fog. Take my words and adhere
that this Lovers kiss will never miss and I send this in my lust of
love for the sake of withered life to blow you a lovers kiss.

The wind will carry through the times and space of the rain upon the door will not wash away this wilted Lovers kiss.

are my kisses as so are my pleas and passion for Love of my passionate
spark to ignite a Fire of another passionate kiss.

myself for all it's life's sake was to be. Tis not the matter to me.
Tis the faith in my own candle withered mess; I mystify myself with the
hope for the day that my wilted lovers passionate kiss.

Shall beat as one as I am to be in this candle lit flame of my restless mess.

My lovers lust is always;
I blow eternity a kiss from my mystical tips of tasteless lips;
To the eternal Love of my candle wilted bliss.
Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
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