The Hills of Hypocrisy

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Long Live Rome The Hills of Hypocrisy

Post by Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus on Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:27 am

The Hills of Hypocrisy

I have led myself to that dainty village loathing cries,
traveled the depths of Krishna and Ascension.

Never; In all my time have either of these compared to the wrath upon the Hills of Hypocrisy!

My heart has bled and pleaded Love and Hate,
Struggled upon laughter and sighs of my insolent part!

The sheep blindly led into a flock of fire, A goats mouth open wide to consume it all within! Never once have I noticed the shielding force of a Greater Rapture!

I have traveled the intricate twirls of both worlds we live within;
The fantasy of night and the waking life, walking thoughtless and carelessly like the wind in both!

Never once, have they compared to The Hills of Hypocrisy.

I dashed across the snow trodden fields of fiery doom;
decadent realms of the illustrious Mountain Filled Mushroom.
Laid at wait, my thoughts in this timeless capsule!
Illusion brought to its knees through my careful deeds!

Still to no avail, they compare not to The Hills of Hypocrisy.

In the devils den where opiates sweet drudged nymph awaits,
I travel onward to the worlds avast views coming from a single point!
One day; through the struggle with this soulless nymph that is my curse! I will still stumble forward in the hopes that there come a day!

When One will walk upon the Hills of Hypocrisy and Gallantly Glide over!..
Around and Around it with Joy and Tears as they Conquer the Daunting Whore!
This will be the day that I will say that it is not a shameless waste, nor that of a desolate deed!
For then I'll know The Hills of Hypocrisy has been conquered with the utmost respect and careful veil!


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