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Long Live Rome My Beating Heart

Post by Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus on Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:25 am

Never did I once even begin to think you could revive my deadness of this vast escape of my heart!

I plead to you in ignorance,
I thought I would be your folly.
Toy you were to me!
How ignorant was I?
Could it be you are my innocence and resurrection!
The devils symbol of what you can muster me to be?

Symbolic prose, My world is all to the verse of written verbose prose!

Literally! Logically! Subverting my tunneled veins to a world that collides through my parting mind.

The veil of illusion is cast down through my spine from the tunnels to my black;
Beating Heart! Never again shall it be apart?!
This is not up for my decision!
For debate it will be, blessings and curses will come at my own dismay.

What is it they call this Game? Maybe it is they that are caught in their own illusion of never receiving what they are giving!

No matter to me who are they!
For my heart, this cannot be, once laid into its own shameless waste, a desolate peace.

My candle wilted kiss has returned!
Shank my heart! Prank my mind! Shock my Soul!
All in time, to dream and dance this canto of thine own rhyme!

Canon's of Fallacy! The Malice spread, The fear to control, They are all mindless to their own hell will they reap!

I try to distract myself from your serenity of solidity. My fluidity is becoming form. No longer this shapeless gas that has given me a value of void.

My validity in the empty set! The Nothing! The retainer of symbols and mathematical prose! Connotations of my own hell! Inside this vision made up with my own veil. God this completes my own sail. This mast once Cast upon the souls of many. The feast of plenty. Pay their gratitude!

Respect to sanity? Respect to Vanity? All of it is subtle sublimity!

Rhetorical this life is. Answers I have. Surrender to the bisection of the dichotomy of venetian ambiguity.

Prose, Verbose, Rhymes in Counted Rows, Nothing that I can type, or do! or Say.

Will ever compare to the Love I have been shown,
with your countless cares!
And Living, My Heart Beats upon the door, there I see it laying under your Bed beneath the floor of my own door!


Sebastciaun T. Censtcuriaus
Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
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