The Tear of my Tears! Rip~

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Long Live Rome The Tear of my Tears! Rip~

Post by Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus on Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:19 am

Tare The Tear

Look into my eyes as you see your soul fade black as night;
As I drift your reality and break your mind of illusion,
Sifting through your thoughtless canon of Fallacy for Answer!

Plead and Hope for all the purity that you wasted while I was Dead,
I am back to set it rite, for the rest of time, illusion you are encapsulated!

Reality I am, Veil of Capacity I speak, Neither Dead nor Alive I wake!
Faulting all of the wrongs, Sins All I give, Your dreams are Dead!

The pits and demons in hell are behind my very essence!
Grasp your pillow, Clench your Teeth, Knock Twice, Because I'm here,
And you are the one that rolled the Dice!

Temper the Temptress, Tame the Sex Nymph, I am the Beast!
Visions of what had to be, Insolent to me at the time.
Now I see all your pleading and insolent fares are what I am to bare!

Pay your toil. Tilt and Coil with your Snakes You will Live in Turmoil.

Your nation is scarred, your minds are barred from reality that is given to you!
Escape your fate, That you Will not! .... Dare this Dire Dare of my Soulless Fare. I am right There beside you in your sleep.

Scream not! For if you do, The Devil Gets your Soul!

I am the reaper of Evil, The Death Dealer, The Devils Feeder!

Souls are up for grabs! And A price you have! Turn in your tag! It's time. for you to deal your crime. So Sublime your insolent time wasted upon the Liars Chair you now sit!

How does it feel to stare me in my Eye? Can your Bones take the Shiver I Send up and Down your Spine? It is truly your time.... In this waking Life..... End your strife... Stick it in!

Free from sin or all from within..... Come a little closer.
Stare and Dare, to take this Journey you will Find I am the One, Sent here, To deal the Fare.

Ta ta for now, you idiots of tare!
Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
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