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Long Live Rome Peace and Goodwill

Post by Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus on Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:26 pm


The inner battle of peace is the only relevant connotation of the word peace that will ever be. To manifest the word peace into the world is not something that will ever be accomplished. The inner nature of the beast is to fight wars and to fight something whether it be themselves or an outside entity.

This fuel for hate or for love is the only thing that will be truth for centuries to come. There will always be room for rebellion and hatred as long as our free will exists. The beast inside hungers for blood, manipulation and war. The very thing that we fight against is what we are. Our masks are what we put on each day to cover up what we are eternally as human vessels and always will be.

No matter what being, no matter where we are we all have this inner nature to kill steal and destroy. In some instances of creation this factor is not so evident in some as in others. In truth it is always there. It is a constant struggle internally to make peace with this state of being and no longer succumb to the ways of fighting this and releasing who we are so that we can no longer wear this mask of illusion.

The only reason for illusion and these dimensions of masks that are layered throughout our personalities is the very reason that wars are waged and we are all at war with the very precept of peace itself. Peace is just a word it is nothing more than that. This word is the very reason we are at war and continue to fight wars in the name of the word PEACE.

This is a contradiction in itself to go to war for peace. If there is a belief of peace that radiates through ones self this one cannot go to war without conflicting the inner nature of what one believes.

This perception of peace is just a word. A perspective of thought, I care not for the fallacy of words. I care not for fallacy in general. I care to win at any costs whether I lose my heart or soul in the process.

That is the difference between a God and a Hero.

Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus
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