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Long Live Rome Naked of Evil

Post by Sebastciaun Censtcuriaus on Mon Mar 10, 2008 1:25 pm

"The world of which one can see laid forth beneath me is the destruction of what was to be a creation" - Sebastciaun

The Levels and Rules to Living, Life and Death are not those defined by that of mortals. They have not the clue to grasp the Universal code between two worlds, much less the dimensions that ripple forth.

A canon of fallacy was created and it became what it was destined to be: corrupt, mindless and mostly misunderstood. They say people can't handle the truth. Sometimes I will agree that certain dosages of truth are too hard to grasp and a point in Ones life. After a while, we wake up. We see how something that was a lie is actually the truth and how the truth was actually a lie. The comprehension of what we sort in our minds as reality and illusion is the measure in which we retain data. Whether it be data for good or for bad. Both are needed at this point to create this resolve of revolution. The revolution of the Heart. The mind has so corrupted our nation over times past. The mind has thought up many ways to control the masses and new ideas to inflict a massive sadistic cult upon the earth. The only way to begin to use your mind is to control it for Ones self. Not self centered, but anything that you use must be controlled by Ones self. This is where it gets even deeper.

When you are able to see choices, consequences, action, reaction through the words that are spoke you find the only course of action to take is to not speak at all. People contemplate the idea why God never uses words. If he did, well the impact would be massively mis-interpreted. As the bible is living proof of how people can manipulate the words of a great writer and take them out of context to be used for good or bad. To put it mildly.

"There are many levels, There are many rules. I have never followed any of these, for the truth that I once sought, I now have, I no longer am bound to seeking, I am bound by my own destiny, my own choices and my own faith to follow this path that I lay beset on all sides by the iniquity of all the evil forces conspired to destroy something they desire." Sebastciaun

There are no need to explain the rules they are all around you, cause and effect, Love and Hate. Everyone wears a mask; to work, to school, to dinner, to bars. There are not many times in their life that these people ever take the mask off, they wear it to there grave the only problem with wearing a mask is that it is a mask not of your design. The design of your mask should be your creation and after a while and meticulous thought that you put into the design you will realize that it is not a mask. It is who you are.... Naked of Evil

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